2024-2025 Registration Opens On June 3rd!

Below are forms and information for our 2024-2025 K-12 Programs...please view and/or download them. Registration forms and fees should be brought to the Community Center during business hours to complete your registration process:


2024-2025 How To Register 

2024-2025 Registration Form

2024-2025 Fee Information

2024-2025 Tuition Assistance Request Form

2024-2025 Class List/Days

2024-2024 Sunday Schedule

2024-2025 Tuesday Schedule

2024-2025 Wednesday Schedule


Volunteers Are Always Needed

To meet the growing demands of educating children in our catholic faith, we need more catechists (people who are living their faith and want to pass it along for survival)! If you feel the Holy Spirit pushing you to answer our call for help, please contact Jenifer at 725-204-9912 or

We give you all the supplies and will train you! Thank you for prayerfully considering!