Catholic Mutual Group (CMG) is the mandated program required of all parish ministers and of all who volunteer their services in parish activities and organizations within the Archdiocese of Las Vegas. The program was adopted as the Archdiocese's effort for Safe Environment Training. It consists of online sessions, fingerprinting, and background checks. Get started with these easy steps…

1. Go to

2. If you completed training within the past 5 years, sign in with your previous username and the password: 1234. Update your password under the ‘Edit Profile’ tab after logging in.

3. If you are new to training or your training was more than 5 years ago, create a new account by completing all the boxes under “Register for a New Account.” This includes address, primary parish, and how you participate at your parish or school. If you have questions please contact your parish/school coordinator. Please enter your first and last name in the system as it appears on your driver’s license so your fingerprint results can be correctly associated with your account!

4. Your main learning dashboard will show you all of the requirements and optional training curriculums that have been customized for your particular role within the Diocese.

5. Click ‘Start Curriculum’ for the Safe Environment Training.

6. Once training is completed, you can access your completion certificate by returning to the training dashboard and clicking ‘Download Certificate’

For more information, please visit their website and use the FAQ or Support tabs at the top of the screen or contact our Safe Environment Coordinator; Regina Comple at 725-204-5559