Parish Pastoral Council and Finance Committee

A message from Fr. Bede:

When a new Pastor comes to a Parish, all existing appointments (councils, committees, etc.) that were previously chosen or elected by the previous leadership are ceased and the new Pastor is able to choose his new representatives to benefit the community. When I came, I extended the current Parish Pastoral Council by one year. I explained in my first meeting with them what the plan would be. At the same time, I realized that the existing commissions were not functioning and it has been agreed on that an election is not the best way to appoint new members. By Canon Law, we must follow the guidelines for the church’s teachings and imitate the way the Diocesan Council is conducted.


Our Current Parish Pastoral Council Members:

Fr. Bede Wevita — Pastor

Thedrick Andres, Cecilia “CJ” Campagna, Audrey Heintz, John Hines, Ray Jereza, Kit Lambert, Dina Leland, Cecilia Nowak, Mark Ortega, Cindy Reyburn, and F. Ron Smith


Our Current Finance Committee Members:

Pastor— Fr. Bede Wevita

Ex Officio—Mike Ryan, Sandra Stahl

Mark Ricciardi, Bernadette Schmitz, Danny Siciliano, Lenny Tanchala, Marcus Valerio, Chris Vito, and Dave Wirshing