More Youth


More Youth is a youth ministry program developed for 6th, 7th and 8th grade members, the focus being on education through experience. More Youth members are placed in an environment where they have the opportunity to experience, hands on, the teachings of the Catholic Church. More Youth is not a “drop in” program and it is not a Sacramental Preparation Program. You MUST attend an orientation before getting involved. More Youth includes the following distinct programs:

FAMILY NIGHT- The focus is on connection with your family and with other families at St. Thomas More. Always includes parents and brothers and sisters.

BREAKING OPEN THE WORD- The focus is on scripture study in an interactive style.

SOCIALS- The focus is on fun and community. More Youth members come to socialize with other More Youth members…

PRAYER NIGHT- The focus is on prayer and the different forms of prayer experience.

IN GOD’S IMAGE- The focus is on human sexuality within the teachings of our faith…This is a three year subject program – six weeks per year – to be attended by a parent with the More Youth member (mandatory attendance).

If you have any questions, please contact Steven Dwyer at 702-361-8840 or