Preparing for marriage in the Catholic tradition calls for responsibilities and commitments on the part of both the couple and the parish. Because of the many requests for weddings here at St. Thomas More, certain requirements and procedures are necessary.

The bride and/or groom must be registered and actively attending Mass regularly in the parish for three months before a wedding date can be scheduled. Once this requirement is fulfilled, the six month preparation program mandated by the Diocese of Las Vegas, may begin.

Please complete the Wedding Request Form (below) and then call to schedule an appointment with Pam Trendell, Marriage Coordinator.

Weddings are normally scheduled at 12:00 PM and at 2:00 PM on three Saturdays within each month. Weddings may also be scheduled on Friday evenings but not on Saturday evenings or on Sundays. The normal stipend to the parish for weddings is $300.00 and the stipends for the cantor and the accompanist are $150.00 each. Lisa Fairweather, the Director of Music, will assist you in selecting appropriate music for your wedding. She will assign the cantor for the ceremony and must approve any requests for guest musicians to participate in the wedding liturgy.

There will be more details discussed and your questions will be answered during your appointment with our Marriage Coordinator; Pam Trendell. You can contact Pam at 702-361-3022.

It is important to note that our parish has become so large (6100 registered households), the only way we have to verify Mass attendance is by use of Sunday envelopes. Envelopes that are mailed to the Parish Office will not be considered for attendance purposes. Young Adults 21 and older, living on their own or in their parents household, should be registered separately. This is especially important for marriage preparation.

No date for Marriage should be set without first consulting our Marriage Coordinator.

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