The celebration of this sacrament is a joyful experience for our parish because it brings new life into our faith community. Having your child baptized also marks the beginning of new responsibilities and commitment on the part of both parents and the St. Thomas More Catholic Community as well. We take these responsibilities and commitment very seriously and are happy to partner with you in the religious formation of your child.

Baptisms are celebrated on weekends for infants to under 8 years of age. At least one parent must be registered and actively participating (attending Mass regularly) for at least three months before the baptismal preparation requirements are fulfilled and a date can be set. Attendance at our Baptism Preparation Class is required. Godparents must be able to certify they are practicing Catholics in good standing and registered in a parish. For more information, call our Baptism Coordinator; Pam Trendell at 702-361-3022.

It is important to note that our parish has become so large (6100 registered households), the only way we have to verify Mass attendance is by use of Sunday envelopes. Envelopes that are mailed to the Parish Office will not be considered for attendance purposes. Young Adults 21 and older, living on their own or in their parents household, should be registered separately. This is especially important for marriage preparation.

Infants and children under the age of 8, please click here for procedures

Children age 8 and up prepare for Baptism through a special program. Please contact Juliann Dwyer at 702-361-8840 for more information.

Adults enter a program known as R.C.I.A. (Rite of Christian Initiation of Adults). Please call Fr. Mike at 702-361-3022 for more information.

No date for Baptism should be set without first consulting our Baptism Coordinator.