Divorce Care

The STM Parish Social Ministry is pleased to have established a “Divorced and Separated Catholics Support Group.”

Separation and divorce may be two of the most traumatic, painful, and hurting experiences in the life of a family. It is fitting, then, that we, as Catholics, reach out to and support our members during this time of personal despair. Though spiritual enlightenment and rejuvenation, support from others with similar circumstances, and the offer of positive educational coping strategies, we are here to help.

The Support Group will utilize a program designed by DivorceCare, a Christian-centered organization committed to easing the transition from divorce to acceptance and recovery. The group will meet weekly for 13 weeks at a specified time and place, led by a facilitator. Relevant topics will be addressed each week, such as depression, loneliness, forgiveness, and concern for the children.

You are invited and encouraged to join at any time, not needing to wait until a new class is formed.

For more information, please contact Susan Skees Hermes — 352-455-9091