The Piecemakers, started a ministry to make and provide scripture quilts to people going through difficult times. The quilts are given freely to members of our community to show our care for them. To date, we have given more than 200 quilts to various members of our Community. The Homebound, Bereavement and others have received these quilts. We’ve received so many wonderful comments from the recipients and their families over how the quilts have affected their recoveries. The quilts carry the words of scripture in them and it seems to speak to the heart of the recipient or to those that care for them. If you would like to join our group, we would be happy to have you come to our quilting sessions. You do not have to know how to sew or to quilt to join. We need many different talents. Some of our members love writing scripture, others enjoy ironing and others like to put the quilting kits together. If you do like to sew, you can help us sew the word of God into the quilts. You can also participate in a very social committee that enjoy meeting and working as a team to achieve the beautiful results that we have been able to reach.

Our meetings are listed in the Bulletin and online.

For additional information, please contact Bette at 702-685-7533