Social Ministries


Social Ministry Commission Mission Statement: On behalf of the St. Thomas More Catholic Community, in support of our Parish Vision, and guided by Gospel and Church teachings, we are dedicated to promoting fairness and equality by working to ensure the welfare, dignity, and basic human rights of all people through increased awareness, on-going education, and Christian acts of service to those in need.

Parishes need to be bridge builders, reminding us that we are part of a Universal Church with ties of faith and humanity to sisters and brothers all over the world…A key test of a parish’s Catholicity is its willingness to go beyond it’s boundaries to serve those in need and work for justice and peace. (Taken from “Communities of Salt and Light: Reflections on the Social Mission of the Parish” United States Conference of Catholic Bishops, 1994)

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Ken Rosania is the Director of Social Ministry. For more information, please contact Ken at 702-361-3022 or