Community Builders

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Adult Sports:  Looking for a group which gives you the opportunity for exercise, fresh air and guarantees you’ll have a “ball”? Then join the STM adult softball team. It’s a great chance to meet fellow parishioners who enjoy playing recreational softball…and the emphasis is on “recreational.” Anyone over the age of 18 can play. There are only allowed 20 players per team, so sometimes there is a waiting list. Please contact Loren at 702-458-2949 for more information.

Boy Scouts:  This is a national youth organization for boys ages 11-18. The program is designed to teach young men self-reliance, leadership and citizenship. Scouts are introduced to many different activities and skills, especially the outdoor skills including camping, backpacking and conservation. The troop also undertakes community service projects during the year. Click here to check out the troop or call Rene at 702-250-4304 for more information.

Couples Club:  This is a community building organization for adult couples of all ages. Meetings are the second Thursday of each month to plan the outings. The calendar includes social events as well as outreach projects. Please contact Joyce at 314-769-3591 for more information.

Mens Club:  This is a great way to meet other men from the parish and get together to share faith, fellowship and service activities. There is an evening meeting once a month in the Community Center. Please contact Miguel at 702-498-9553 for more information.

Parents For Life:  This is a ministry for adults, typically parents of teens in the Life Teen program. The ministry, however, is not restricted to Life Teen parents. It’s two-fold mission is to lead adults and their families closer to Christ and to support the Life Teen program, both spiritually and through hospitality. The Parents for Life group meets in the Community Center on Sunday evenings immediately following the Life Teen Mass where we discuss topics of relevance to the young people of our Parish, and to share our Catholic life experiences with others. Please contact Deacon Bob and Laurie at 702-260-0311 or click here for more information.

Senior Games:  This group meets the second Thursday of each month from 12:00 to 3:00 p.m. in the Community Center. This is a very social and friendly group and everyone is invited. Bring a friend!! Please contact Salvy at 702-617-4547 for more information.

Small Church Communities:  In the earliest history of the Christian movement members met in each other’s homes for prayer, mutual support, a communal discernment of the presence and movement of the Holy Spirit in their lives and the sharing of Eucharist. In recent years, around the globe, this original design is being re-created in both rural and urban settings. St. Thomas More joins with many other Catholic parishes and communities in embracing the concept of Small Church Communities and in offering this opportunity to its parishioners. Small Church Communities provide people the opportunity to connect with other Catholics who strive to integrate their faith with their ordinary daily lives in families, in careers, in citizenship and in social responsibility. Each SCC determines its own schedule and place for meetings; they use the Sunday Scriptures for the coming week as the focus for their reflection; they pray together in simple ways; and they often undertake some social service as a group. To join a group or fore more information, please contact Glenda at 702-280-2366.

Welcome Sunday:  Hospitality and Community Building are the goals of the Welcome Sunday ministry. On the first Sunday of each month, donuts, coffee and lemonade are provided in the Community Center after the 8:00 AM, the 10:00 AM and the 12:00 noon Masses. All parishioners are invited to join in meeting and greeting one another, especially those who are newly registered in the parish. Teams of parishioners volunteer to set up and serve the donuts and drinks after each Mass. To join a serving team, or for more information, contact CJ at 702-768-3862.

Women’s Guild:  The Women’s Guild is a social, spiritual, and service ministry for women within the parish. Membership in this organization gives you an excellent opportunity to make new friends and belong to a group of wonderful women with a common goal. Some of our outreach programs include the Poverello House and St. Therese Center. We raise funds for these programs and those within our parish by Bake Sales, Chili Sales, and other charity events. Our service programs include serving food at the annual Church Picnic, providing food and service for Small Church Community events, and making sandwiches for the working poor. Please contact Cis at 702-837-3446 for more information.