• WOMEN’S RETREAT….Sponsored by The Ministry of Mother’s Sharing (MoMS). We are excited to welcome Guest Speaker Kelly Wahlquist for our annual Women’s Retreat, which will take place January 19, 20 & 21, 2018 at Zion National Park. As women of faith we share a bond that allows us to share our gifts with one another through prayer, gratitude, and mercy. We look forward to taking time to rejuvenate our spirit & deepen our faith together. For more information and registration forms, click here.


  • MEDITATION GROUP:  What is as old as Christianity, brings joy and peace to those who practice it, and is the “best kept secret” in the Church today? The answer is Christian Meditation. In an age of rush and noise it is essential that we find time to be still and quiet. “Be still and know that I am God”, says the Psalmist. In this prayer of silence called Christian Meditation, we find God who dwells within our heart. And in finding Him we find also our true selves, and thus are renewed. Christian Meditation is the natural progression of our prayer life towards a deeper experience of God.  Join our STM Meditation group on Thursdays in the Chapel at 6:30 PM. You are always welcome.


  • SAFE ENVIRONMENT MINISTRY:  Are you a Medical Professional, Doctor, Nurse, EMT or Paramedic? If so, would you like to be on our Medical Response Team?  It’s very simple: you sign-up for the Masses of your choice each month and sit in a designated pew.  If there is a medical emergency, a member of our Lead Team will call upon you to use your skills to attend to the sick or injured person until the Paramedics arrive.  Please contact Ken at 702-361-3022.



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  • MONTHLY FOOD DRIVE:  The Men’s Club monthly food collection is held the first weekend of each month (unless otherwise announced) at ALL masses. Your donation of non-perishable foods will go to extremely needy families and is greatly appreciated.