MISSION STATEMENT: The Ministry of Mothers Sharing (MoMS) creates an awareness of the inner sacred self, while at the same time teaching us new ways to inspire, encourage and affirm each other. Through the process of personal and spiritual growth, women have the opportunity clarify their values, claim their own giftedness and bring new strengths to their family relationships and to the Christian Community.

What is MoMS? MoMS is a small-group, faith sharing, peer ministry that begins with an eight-week journey that leads a group of women through an experience of self-discovery, mutual support, fellowship and prayer. it is designed to develop a deeper awareness of your own spirituality as a mother and to greater appreciate your ministry of motherhood.

Is this a parenting class or support group? No. The trained facilitators who guide your eight week journey are women in the ministry who have already been through the program. They will guide you through the MoMS Journal covering such topics as self-esteem, self-acceptance, stress, worries, anxiety, spirituality, feelings, personal growth and friendships.

For more information, please call Kim at 702-528-2457.


JOIN US FOR OUR ANNUAL WOMEN’S RETREAT….Sponsored by The Ministry of Mother’s Sharing (MoMS)

We are excited to welcome Kelly Wahlquist.
January 19, 20 & 21, 2018 at Zion National Park

As women of faith we share a bond that allows us to share our gifts with one another through prayer, gratitude, and mercy. We look forward to taking time to rejuvenate our spirit & deepen our faith together.

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